What is the name of the shop note

now choose to open shop who wants to succeed however, too many to count, to open a shop, also need a proper name. For many managers, how to shop take a proper name but has become a very troubling thing. In fact, if you can pay attention to matters more than enough, the shop is a good name is also very easy. So, what is the name of the shop note?


shop was built up, have to name your shop, many sellers at the beginning of the opening of the shop when planning will store the name of racking my brains, don’t know what names to do promotion and advocacy role, in fact as long as novice sellers pay attention to five points can make their own the shop has a good name!

first, the shop name must be simple, not too complicated!

second, in addition to the name of the shop to be concise, it is best to include their own brand names, so that buyers can be found in the search to your shop!

third, shop name what is best not to use special symbols, using simple shop name, can let you store customers easily remember your name, so that next time!

fourth, the name of the shop is best not to write those preferential information, and look for agents such as wholesale Dongdong Oh, these can be described in the shop and shop inside the announcement as good!

fifth, as well as the name of the shop has not been changed, so that the purpose is to allow those old customers to find you, so that they will not be able to visit you when you!


simple, in short is the most easily overlooked in many of the operators to the shop name, and if you want to shop for the better development of the shop name, the later is more favorable, so Xiaobian described the content, will draw your attention?

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