What are the prime locations in the beverage store

shop to do business are paying attention to a prime location, the store opened in the golden lot easier to generate income, so many entrepreneurs have attached great importance to the choice of shop location. So what is the golden section of the beverage store? Presumably this problem is very concerned about the beverage shop entrepreneurs, this paper gives a clear answer.

two, super gate: Super is a multi class consumer groups often go to places, buy daily necessities, or usually just go to the small, will see a lot of young couples with children and middle-aged personnel, this kind of consumer groups, but the mainstream crowd drinks oh. So, lots of open beverage shop is very good.

three, the school district: the district is a student intensive place, of course you must drink something healthy and prices will moderate, because the school district we can see is not a beverage shop, tea shop, so the competition is also great, we want to be healthy, talent shows itself, fashion, and delicious nutritious drink.

four, delicacy Street: now each region has a different area of delicacy blocks over the delicacy, and therefore attract a lot of consumers to eat, so eat delicacy certainly to drink drinks, drinks are not healthy, and drink too much fat, so a healthy fashion must drink is the most popular.

five, entertainment area: like some movie theaters, KTV in these places, in 80, 90, 00 after the main consumer groups, love drinks with snacks to go to the cinema, KTV so very much, they sell things that are also very expensive, if you can find in such a good location the store, is also very good, even if the store is small, but as long as the quality of the go.

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