10 Fen of the business is business

now there are a lot of shopkeepers, because some of the profits of the sale is too small to see a little bit, the loss of small customers, causing customer dissatisfaction, which will naturally affect the long-term management of the store. One day in the morning I went to the neighbor’s supermarket to charge the phone. When I came into the shop, I saw the shopkeeper arguing with a girl.

I listen to reason, the reason for the quarrel is very simple, the girl to charge ten yuan bill, the owner promised to take her money, a short time to fill the past. However, because the store was considered to be 10 yuan to spend too low profits, just a bit busy in the store, the girl charged to forget things.

girl charge 10 yuan bill is a mobile Internet access fees, do not need to charge more. The girl went back to wait for a long time, or on the net, also did not receive the air recharge sent over the text message, so he ran over to ask what happened? This question does not matter, the owner does not take the initiative to explain the reason and the girl did not give full charge, but the girl quarreled with this little thing up.

girl angry shopkeeper is not good, urged the shopkeeper to return 10 yuan. The return of the owner of the money at the same time, but the mouth of the complaint, said the girl is only ten yuan of money is not enough to waste the effort, do not charge even finished. Girl face drooped, sullen, angry back to the owner of a few words, you say I quarreled.

the owner of the idea so guilty muddy, he should immediately charge the girl to spend, polite to explain, the girl will not care about anything. The 10 yuan bill’s profit is only 0.15 yuan, but any business is a small set, not a bite to eat a fat man, a shovel also dug a well. Besides the customer’s demand is the source of money, customers do not consume how you make money.

to see the owner of the neighbor I think of the practice of their own. I remember one time I shop to an aunt, she will buy a dime of the needle needle, but fewer people buy, the profit is almost zero. I put the little things aside odds and ends of sewing in the warehouse, I will buy more to find, buy too little and I said no. Who knows the aunt today hurry, but a dime, I wanted to say no to Aunt sewing needles, but one thought are the residents of the community, to find themselves in trouble a few. But with a needle aunt also a busy thank me.

this little thing I quickly forgot, but after the aunt often come to patronize my shop, and even about a few aunts together. A dime of the needle and the $10 bill, profits are not large, but the owner is not the neighbor to sniff at a small profit, disdain this petty profits. I need a dime to earn 3 penny of profit, I was 0.03 yuan of profits and get back to the customer, the owner is the neighbor 015 yuan lose a customer.

although it is a small matter, but it allows us to do business with more understanding. In short, through

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