How to design the rural supermarket chain store

we all know that the supermarket is very profitable, especially in rural supermarkets, so how do you know the rural supermarket store design? Here, Xiaobian for everyone to analyze an example, the introduction of rural supermarket chain store design skills, want to want to open a supermarket chain in rural areas to help friends.

composite size sign Qiao

in the local country, taking chain supermarkets have a certain reputation, Liu Guiqin introduced the chain signs, will own the shop named "China business chain supermarket Huang Ze shop", the supermarket chain store signs to improve their visibility. China’s supermarket chain store door is very eye-catching yellow color. The supermarket store signs and equal, in addition to the above printed with eye-catching "commercial supermarket chain stores Huang Ze", but also printed on the "Shengzhou City assured demonstration shop" and other words, let the customer create a trust, buy the rest assured.

cigarette counter striking

supermarket placed wooden cabinet shelves and glass counters, high-grade goods are placed here. Among them, the cigarette placed into a major bright spot. Cigarette counters placed at the entrance of the eye-catching position, counters in the smoke from the high-end to low-grade, the species is complete. Small packets of cigarettes placed in the laminated glass counter, and the corresponding price tag, the price is clear, consumers buy at a glance. The whole cigarette is placed on the wooden cabinet shelf. The owner of high-grade tobacco, especially high-grade cigarette placed in a very prominent position, let the customer feel very on the grade of cigarette store.

setting display area

Compared to

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