Two good ideas for Rural Entrepreneurship

want to be successful in rural entrepreneurship, we must learn to tap the unique entrepreneurial resources in rural areas, the development of the economy, can be faster and more smoothly on the road to get rich. The following are two very suitable for rural areas to develop a good idea of entrepreneurship, interested in creating a customer can try.

, a rural cottage rental or sale of

So now that

they are easy to accept, hut for tourists pastimes, such as accommodation, dining, leisure and entertainment etc..

such small house materials are our rural wood or bamboo do, the cost is not high, the key is to design the small room to the novel, just enough features. The market price is good.

two, rural wedding and event venue management

in a meadow, a long carpet to the wedding scene, with ornaments, flowers, there are many guests, yes, this is many people want the wedding scene.

in fact, in the rural areas is possible, to find a relatively flat, turf, build some beautiful facilities.

A novel small house,

In addition, the wedding wedding reception:

There are a lot of

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