Silly elder sister in law queen jewelry successful metamorphosis

who want to start a business, especially when people are young, always have a reliable or unreliable ideas. Some people dare to rush, but some people can only stifle the idea in the cradle. A silly not daring dare to, after years of efforts, and finally become the queen of jewelry. Let’s look at the small series together!

business start queen jewelry

with courage and confidence, let her mother borrowed a few yuan capital, do the "paomatou" business. A girl out nature more difficult than boys, crowded train, bus, in order not to delay the time, often put stall in business during the day, night ride ahead. This evening to morning, travel extensively, between 6 years, Zhou Xiaoguang traveled half China.

queen jewelry talent shows itself

1995 to 1998, Xinguang jewelry factory in order to speed up the pace of development, and in the country to establish their own product sales network, in one fell swoop become the leading domestic jewelry industry. Because the industry is "king of kings", new day 100 kinds of new products, following enterprise nature, this does not make Zhou Xiaoguang feel satisfied. She thinks that I can run faster than others.

2000 May, is a turning point for Zhou Xiaoguang, the ordinary Chinese women at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center in the international jewelry show really fire a. More than and 50 customers from Asia, the Americas, Europe, the country’s more than and 70 customers are attracted by her products, the booth is packed with customers, with the translation of the 8 is not enough to use, and a temporary call for the 4 of the 4. Some merchants in the conference round less than an order, had to ask the relevant information and then rushed to Yiwu interview. Zhou Xiaoguang is the first to break from South Korea and Hongkong Chinese dominate the jewelry market situation, emerge in 226 enterprises in 57 countries and regions participating.

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