Network entrepreneurship should adhere to the three no principle

network business has now become the most common and popular, and now many people are beginning to look to the business in an electronic commerce network, this time, in the online business shop also need to pay attention to certain strategies.

The importance of

engaged in electronic commerce, and should make others do the same thing. The vast "network" look at which network operators are not motivated by the opportunity to look forward to the opportunity to profit from as soon as possible? However, if there is no so-called "need to be met because of the needs of motivation," if only focus on business opportunities and no creativity to imitate other people’s Web site, is undoubtedly tooslow, toolate!" (too slow, too late) the so-called motivation is to find a no one to solve the big problem, and then use the network to solve the problem of strong power, so pay internet life, will also be the value of the site.

creative expression of the ways. Otherwise, there is a motive, only to express personal ideas, but can not be specific. In the network world, creative occupies a pivotal position, because the network is free to use, from the user first enter the accepted value of experience, determines whether it will continue to come in, so the performance from the initial idea is impressed on the battle of life and death.

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