n the cloud through Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic to carry out innovation and Entrepreneurship Educat

Institute of vocational education has always been the teaching objectives and the actual needs of the market together to develop the most urgent needs of the current market technical personnel. In this era of entrepreneurship, vocational education college students pay more attention to entrepreneurship, the use of multiple resources to enhance the entrepreneurial skills and quality of students.

1 on the afternoon of 28 May, Jiang Xuming, chairman of the board of Polytron Technologies Inc and other four people visited Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic. Dean Wang Chunxu, commission for Discipline Inspection, vice president, attended the forum, such as Gao Shengan. The two sides on the school enterprise cooperation, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship incubation and other aspects of the initial exchange.

in the cloud through the Polytron Technologies Inc is a high-tech joint-stock enterprises, mainly engaged in domestic and abroad’s one-stop e-commerce trade platform and technical services; interactive games online games and video games online and offline;   virtual currency trading platform business (currently one of the largest virtual trading platform service provider); IT technology outsourcing business network technology such as the four main business.

The chairman of

Jiang Xuming introduced the basic situation and entrepreneurship education products in the cloud company in the planning, and that the school of innovation and entrepreneurship education foundation, the two sides according to the actual situation and development to carry out deeper exchanges, seek more cooperation, expand cooperation level.

subsequently, the two sides will jointly explore the curriculum design of entrepreneurship education (especially practice courses), school enterprise cooperation plan, specific work docking, subsequent development of ideas to carry out in-depth study. According to the cooperation plan, the college and the company will be signed in the near future, "school enterprise cooperation agreement", and in the company through the establishment of the company’s external training base".

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