s the web hosting project reliable

in such a complex social status quo, there are countless amazing business opportunities for us. However, if only by the investment department of the investment information is undoubtedly difficult to convince consumers, naturally we need a more detailed analysis. So, the network hosting center project reliable?

In recent years,

has emerged as a web site called the management center. It is similar to a community site, a large community near the store into the online shop, by attracting community residents access to the Internet, to help the store to expand sales channels. Community residents can view the site, ordering goods around the physical store.

web hosting center Merchants Merchants menacing, advertising. But a year later, I have not heard of any community to join the commercial website to make money.

rumored new model to fill the market gap

network management center to create a physical shop in the online shop, and by the corresponding service providers hosting services precedent. All the shop floor to the real name system in the form of graphic system to move to the Internet, strong will the shop product pictures and detailed quotation information website live show around the country hosting shop center for full service to all owners, so buyers can stay at home, see ordering products.

high yield

to join the network hosting center investment of only about 20 thousand yuan, the headquarters will assist in the construction of the site, and provide service support. There are currently 95% of the community store does not sell online. According to the market survey, the recognition of this service reached 83%. Annual profit of up to 100 thousand yuan, is a convenient, profitable, long-term entrepreneurial projects.

new business model is not the truth

network hosting center is actually a dead cell connection in 2007 to join the site deformation, are around the community to carry out network management. Network hosting center will only be connected to the cell site to provide a variety of life service information, replaced by the store’s merchandise information. Profit model or rely on corporate advertising on the site. There is no essential difference between the two. So the model is not new.

income difficult to protect

, according to the survey of zero survey company, network hosting center to join in a year, there are about more than and 200 franchisees, but less than 5% of earnings. The main reason is that there are few community residents browse the habit of community sites, which is the reason for the rapid collapse of the cell connection site. Today, consumer online shopping is mainly concentrated in Taobao, eBay and other large online trading platform, more secure

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