What are the risks of operating alternative pets

alternative pet market in the current pet has been welcomed by more and more people, which attracted a lot of investors, has become a hot market to become a popular category. However, the operation of such a business although there is a good market, but there will be a lot of risk. So, what are the risks of operating alternative pets?

one is policy risk. According to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of China, the origin of some of our wild animals, in accordance with the national level two to protect wildlife management. For example, crocodiles and snakes belonging to two parts of wild animal domestication and breeding, management, sales of these wild animal, must apply to the "wild animal quarantine certificate" and "two class of wild animal raising sales permit" the competent forestry department, some offbeat pet shop owner did not know, the relevant departments will inevitably have been punished, even ban.

two is the location risk. Alternative pet shop, the site should pay attention to the choice of pet enthusiasts to focus on places, such as a variety of pet market, or a higher consumption capacity, convenient downtown downtown. These places are expensive compared with the downtown of the appearance of the cost, the pet market rent is much cheaper.

three is the risk of transportation and breeding. Alternative pet living transport requirements are higher, mortality is also high, the breeding process is also prone to illness, death, etc., resulting in economic losses. Therefore, the operator must master a variety of offbeat habits of pet, the basic knowledge of learning the best choice for the treatment and prevention of disease, low mortality rate is not high, offbeat pet to breed, the high mortality rate of part of the turtle species, try not to run.

four is a risk of accidental injury. As the saying goes, the rabbit is anxious to bite, not to mention some ferocious alternative pets. Therefore, in the offbeat pets, except for chinchillas, hamster, turtles, lizards and other generally harmless, others include spiders, snakes, crocodiles, are likely to be directly hurt, or spread disease.

therefore, in the choice of the pet business offbeat varieties, the best choice of a good pet species, also adopt various measures to avoid. For example, using ultraviolet light irradiation sterilization, surgical removal of part of the offbeat pet snake venom gland, extraction etc..

alternative pets, although it is a good business opportunities, but want to rely on the operation of such business to make money, while there are more places where we need to pay attention to. So if you want to run an alternative pet, do you pay attention to such four risks?

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