What are the general rules of the shop name

said that although every industry in the name of the shop would have certain precautions, need to comply with the relevant standards, however, if we take the criteria summed up on all walks of life can be found, in fact, there are general guidelines. So, what are the general guidelines for the shop name? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis.

a good shop name must be suitable for the level of its target customers, suitable for its business purposes and mood, so as to establish a good image for the shop, enhance the attractiveness of the customer. The following small series to introduce the general name of the shop name!

1. name stores to combine the five characteristics of the industry and corporate numerology. Combined with the characteristics of the industry can make it easier for consumers to understand the scope of the company. Combined with the legal characteristics of naming and numerology to baby names must comply with the five lines of numerology as the reason, popular corporate fortune.

2. shop strokes should be concise, do not use too many strokes and difficult to recognize the word, it may lose some potential customers. Some customers in the first "electric shock", possibly from the field to the passing car, or see, media advertising at a glance. In the shortest possible time for the audience to remember, recall the interests of the audience is a good name.

3. shop name word pronunciation must be easy to read and easy to read. Some of the words together the meaning is very good, but reading awkward, tone tone together to read, not so tired, is not conducive to the promotion of. Should be like a poem, a flat structure, easy to pronounce.

4. avoid using uncommon words. The name of the shop to attract customers and expand publicity, not to test consumer language level, may cause the customer interest in some words to look up this word in the end to read what sound, more people look, don’t know, just too lazy to go to so many similar products. You have to buy the word, do not know the brand, consumers will shut out of the invisible. Originally wanted to pursue novel, attract eyeball did not expect to deviate from the most important goal.

5. traditional and simplified Chinese characters, rome. Due to historical reasons, there are some differences between China’s use of Chinese characters, the coastal areas of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao used traditional Chinese characters, quite a part cannot read simplified Chinese characters. The mainland to promote the use of simplified, public use of common used simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese characters can be identified, the use frequency is not high difficult to identify. When the company or shop name to take into account the audience habits, do not miss any potential customers.

6. some people have done experiments in 1/1000 or 2/1000 seconds to let the audience listen to the ad, test how many words they can hear and understand. The results show that the average person’s memory is limited to 5 words. Company name or

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