What is the name of the enterprise to meet the concept

a suitable company name is not our own made out of the house, if you want to be more appropriate, not only can grasp the relevant skills, but also according to some ideas come. So, what is the name of the enterprise to meet the idea?

a successful enterprise, to create their own brand names, first of all have to play their own loud name. The name of the company is like a flag, which represents the image of the company in the public. This is the first step for a company to succeed. The name loud can let more people identify the enterprise, understand the product; the company and the product has the widespread popularity and the good prestige, can attract more customers, to produce the bigger benefit. Enterprises should be consistent with the name of the idea?

a reasonable legal

name for the enterprise can not paste chaos contact, casual explanation. First of all, people have higher requirements of name and the name of the enterprise culture quality and relevant legal knowledge, if the enterprise name made jokes, like a painting deformation caricature for themselves, but for the enterprise do, do negative ads, a name back in the common sense and the law of people the will backfire.

two, clear operating items

all of our business companies have a business plan and then plan how to operate, and then plan how to set up a unit. When named the company must be clear to the operation of the project, and the name must have relationship with business projects, not a "Shangri-La shoe company" brand in the shoe store, hair salon in a "bright hair salon". If it is operating glasses, it should focus on "light", "Ming" to the name, if the hair is a bit of a taste of the United States, the breath of youth.

three, determine the service object

enterprise products ready to sell what kind of person, who is the service object, it should be clear, is a man or a woman, is an adult or a child, is Chinese or foreigners, is in the service of high-grade or low-grade, etc.. If the male cannot make a "Eve Health Shop", if it is dedicated to migrant workers to eat, always can’t hang a "welcome restaurant" signs.

a good company name should have two characteristics:

1, from the external information, to name pronunciation loud, meaning auspicious, shape beautiful, elegant, pleasant and easy to remember, not strange, strange and new meaning, not explicit, refined and for people to accept, to avoid duplication and indecent name.

2, from the internal information, the name of the industry to meet the characteristics of the product, and the location of the

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