Zhu Lihua lazy customers to make money

is now a lot of shopkeepers are lamenting, customers are more and more lazy, business is getting worse. However, for Zhu Lihua, this is not the understanding, although the customer is lazy, but the business can also be more popular. This is Zhu Lihua’s lazy opportunity, let us see, look at how she is doing "lazy" business.

I do retail has nearly ten years, I am accustomed to the customer into the store hand holding goods shopping. But in recent years, I’ve found that shopping is changing. For example, some car or motorcycle customers, because they are lazy or some reason, not into the store, but in front of the store and shout what to buy, it is to the owner and then give him to the shop door single purchase customers such as, in my daily business has encountered many.

one day, I was at the store tally, suddenly heard a squeak, a car from the brakes. Look up to the shop door, a black car parked in front of the shop. My heart is glad and business came. I am waiting for the customers into the store shopping, did not expect the window rolled down, a middle-aged man head, at the shop and shouted: "boss, give me a" furongwang "!"

really is the first time to meet this lazy customers, although I felt angry customers "Poser", but when he bought a "furongwang"’s sake, I still smile with a cigarette for him to the door. Drove the man paid the money, took the smoke, then dropped a "thank you", he hurriedly drove away. Looking at the back of the car, I think the man must be something urgent.

later, I met a disabled customer, he drove the disabled car, came to the door, remove the stick from the car on his arm, then on crutches hard to store shopping. Buy something, and while carrying something while on crutches, struggling to go out on the train. The sight of the disabled man was a hard time, and I suddenly remembered the middle-aged man who was shopping in the car that day. I think, why not let the disabled customers like the middle-aged man that day can not get off the shopping.

so I quickly chased out, the disabled customers said: "come back in the store shopping, you can not get off, directly to the store propaganda say you have to buy the goods can be sent, I give you the shop outside." The disabled customer listened and said gratefully: "thank you, boss! This is a good thing for the disabled. I’m really a little inconvenient."

later, the disabled as long as the customer shopping, just call him to buy things for me in front of the store, I choose the disabled customers purchase goods, he got the car up to bagging. Because I am considerate, taking into account the customer’s difficulties and feelings, >

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