Shop management to do a good job at the same time service price war

there are a lot of shops in order to attract customers, often from the lower commodity prices, even to a very low price, which is undoubtedly a vicious price war. In short, in the course of the shop, some operators tend to enhance the popularity of the profits from the fall, and the price war with peers.

in fact, the customer is understandable, but if it is self breaking arm, simply reduce the price, I think it is not desirable. If we want to find ideas, coup, thought to be used in strong service, perfect management, believe that customers will Everfount.

smiling hospitality. For every customer into the store shopping, I warmly greet, smile, and patience to introduce a clear, true commodity brand information, so that customers buy satisfaction, with ease. Business for many years, more and more repeat customers. Many customers say: "you will do business, good service attitude, I would like to spend more money!" This is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation and encouragement to me.

tell the truth. In the business, on product quality and other problems that we must be honest, if so, exaggeration to deceive customers, will certainly lose the trust of customers. For example, a heater, the price is 5 yuan, the price is cheap, affordable, well received by some customers. However, this would not very good quality, if every day with a few times, barely a month water boil.

so, to introduce customers to the goods, I will really tell, as clear as noonday their advantages and disadvantages of goods, has the advantages of reasonable price, the disadvantage is short service life. If seldom used, occasionally used once, then this is enough; if used frequently, choice than the price of 10 yuan of heater. So the sale of goods, we will give customers a good impression of honesty and trustworthiness.

Killing with Kindness. Do business, buying and selling, we are in and the customer "confrontation", therefore, we must practice the routine moves. Once a customer to buy peanuts, he entered the door shouting: "boss, give me some peanuts!" "How much do you want?" I asked with a smile, take the bag to pack. The results of the customer said coldly: "5 dollars is not enough?" I "hey hey" a smile, said: "yes ah! How much can you buy." Customers have actually been my "giggle" laugh. In the face of stiff customers, we can not get angry, must Killing with Kindness, Friendliness is conducive to business success.

if the store into a price war, there is no way to do long-term business. So, do a good job, is the basis for long-term profitability of the store. Do tell the truth, Killing with Kindness smiling hospitality, at the same time, we must strictly control the quality of customer service, good service. So, even if the sales profit dropped from around the store, that can not pull away our core customers, right?

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