Valley fruit cake shop brings you a life cake

Have you ever seen a cake shop like

? For consumers to create a lively cake. What is a cake? And what kind of vitality?

different people, the same problem –

why do you make cakes

this is a kind of frustration, when we find that we can not find the real life of the cake, we have to do it ourselves;

we only have the cake of life, not only for taste, but also to share the joy of life;

Valley fruit cake has life;

Valley fruit 100% we only make a living cake

how long is the life of a cake?

from 3000 BC cheese cake from Athens began to spread, it is difficult to imagine that the precipitation of the year to today, still sweet to maintain the 776.

how short is the life of a cake?

according to the colony number of test data, the international popular proposal is cake preservation time not more than 48 hours;

in the valley of fruit, we can’t even allow cake so old, from production to shipping, each cake only 6 hours of life;

6 hours or 3000 years, the purpose is more happy;

Valley fruit cake with temperature;

‘s harsh pursuit of temperature comes from respect for life;

from the beginning of life to the cake to the customer, we keep demanding cake temperature below 5 degrees, only because they are the most delicious at 5 degrees, a special probe thermometer number is on the cake and respect for life;

if the thermometer is above 5 degrees, you have the right to refuse to pay for the old cake;

Valley fruit cake has secrets;

Unlike many other brands that have survived the century, the secret of survival is in the bank’s vault;

is not any restaurant or bakery business, some customers understand the secret can not be


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