How much money to open a home porridge shop

no matter what kind of business we are ready to set up shop, in fact, the need for funds, in short, only the economic conditions allow, will enable entrepreneurship to achieve success. And there will be business opportunities, and now people are paying more attention to health, and therefore, porridge shop has become the urgent needs of mass consumption, then, how much money to open a home shop? This is to look at the main cost of investment in the main shop.


how much does it cost? In general, a porridge shop, the minimum is only ten square meters, you can shop, if it is in the first-tier cities area at the entrance this location open porridge shop, the monthly rent of about 2 thousand yuan can fix, at once a year paid rent to about 24000 yuan.

store renovation costs

how much does it cost? In fact, a porridge shop, in the decoration does not need to spend too much time, just need to whitewash the wall, the purchase of four or five sets of tables and chairs, with ground floor, the roof hanging a top, put a few congee photos and price list can be opened, count down, ten thousand yuan will be able to engage in set.

how much does it cost? Open home 10 square meters of porridge shop, do not need to hire employees, a person can get. Of course, in the beginning of the operation of the business, but also need to buy some ingredients, about a few hundred dollars will be able to get.

how much does it cost? A variety of costs together, about forty thousand yuan or so you can open a home porridge shop.

this is not a small business? Only a few million can be operated on a very popular in the current market is a good cause. Of course, if you do not make any health porridge technology, small advice you choose well-known brand porridge shop to join, the general headquarter not only free technical guidance, also provides free shop support, allowing you to easily shop to make money and worry!

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