Quick Take in the washing its coming

first_imgWatch out: Met Eireann issues yellow alert over heavy rain>Motorists urged to take care on wet roads as Cork issues flood warning> IT’S A BANK holiday weekend, but unfortunately the weatherman doesn’t seem to care.Rain and wind is forecast for today, but eastern areas will be dry with a few sunny breaks for a little while yet.As you can see, the rain in the west is making its way across the country and will be in the east in all areas during the late morning and early afternoon.RainMet Eireann says the rain will be heavy for a time, but will clear to mainly dry and brighter weather later this afternoon and evening, but there will be more showers in the west. Southwest winds will be fresh and gusty and today’s highest temperatures will reach 13 to 15 degrees.Tonight, showers will affect most places overnight. The showers will be heavy and frequent in the west with the risk of hail and blustery southwest winds. Temperatures will range 7 to 9 degrees.last_img

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