Your name right infringement

most of the time, the owner is obviously want by successful name to a similar name, but because do not grasp the degree, resulting in his own name infringement, so don’t make money, the shop late is unlikely. So, your name infringement? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

recently, many Anji passenger station of the public will find a shocking shop – "eating hamburgers, because the German" homophonic with rage Kentucky, after people have seen are tempted to smile. This burger shop name is reminiscent of the movie "dragon and Phoenix shop in shop" fierce competition "eating up" fast food shops, let live the Anji passenger station near Mr. Liu lamented: it is opportunity everywhere ah.

as everyone knows, KFC is from the United States famous chain restaurants, and has headquarters in Shanghai China eating Germany, Chinese and western restaurant chain, mainly engaged in all kinds of hamburgers, fried chicken, a variety of hot and cold drinks, Taiwan snacks, ice cream, western style meals etc..

bite from Germany, whether it is the Chinese version of KFC? Although some of the store decoration style and KFC similar, but also a number of Chinese style, people feel more close to the people. In addition, the logo also with Kentucky "KFC" is different.

it is understood that in recent years, all over the country have emerged Madonna, Mai Deshi, wheat, etc. from eating Germany headed chain restaurants, a see and hear a name, my mind immediately thought of well-known KFC, McDonald’s, Dicos, etc..

, however, Mr. Liu questioned: These are easy to produce Lenovo shop name, whether there is infringement of suspicion? The lawyer replied, from the public point of view, see e, such as eating Germany and the world famous chain restaurants are homophonic or some similar names, easy to smile.

as to whether these names involve infringement, mainly in the following two aspects. Interior decoration style, product packaging, etc., the proportion of the same part is very large, whether the theft of his store signs (such as: KFC) for business. In addition, whether the store is claimed to be his store business, product sources, sources of funding, whether or not related to his shop. Otherwise, it will involve infringement.

so, can you see your name now, see if it involves the infringement, if related to the infringement, the natural need to immediately revise, this will stop the infringement, or if the defendant, not just to keep the name, and may pay a large amount of money.

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