Morocco Offers Ivory Coast 120 Scholarships for Coming Academic Year

Rabat – Morocco is offering 120 scholarships for high-achieving Ivorian students, Ivorian media has reported.The local newspapers quoted a statement from the Ivorian ministry of foreign affairs as indicating that the scholarships are for the 2019-2020 academic year and would be available for grasp until mid-August for students interested in pursuing their studies in Morocco. Of the scholarship offers, 100 are for university degrees while the remaining 20 will be taken at vocational schools in Morocco, the ministry explained.  The news comes as a further illustration of the “strong friendship” between Morocco and Ivory Coast. The West African country is a known, outspoken supporter of Morocco’s “African diplomacy” or South-South agenda, in addition to backing the Moroccan autonomy plan in Western Sahara.Last month, Ivory Coast became the first country to open a consulate in Laayoune. Idrissa Traore, the Ivorian ambassador to Rabat, said that the move was not merely symbolic. Rather, he proposed, his country wished to overtly express its commitment to its “strategic partnership” and “multidimensional relations” with Rabat.As Morocco capitalizes on its “African gaze” in foreign relations, the country has maintained its policy of attracting more African students. The goal, according to Moroccan authorities, is to make the North African country a continental hub for scientific research and academic collaboration.Read also: Moroccan Company to Build Hospitals in Ivory CoastMorocco has long been one of the most prized study destinations in Africa, especially for students from francophone Africa. In recent years, scholarships and learning agreements with a number of governments across Africa have helped improve Morocco’s image in the continent, boosting its aspirations for continental leadership.

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