Moroccos Police Abort A Bitcoin Related Kidnapping Case near Casablanca

Rabar – On July 5, the Judicial Police in Casablanca arrested three individuals aged between 30 and 34 on suspicion of their involvement in an attempted Kidnapping, detention, and theft. Upon their arrest, the suspects were in possession of significant amounts of national currency money from an unknown source.The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) issued a statement in which it explained that the judicial police team was able to monitor two of the arrested individuals. The two suspects were planning to kidnap the third and take him to his house in Bournazel, ​​Casablanca in order to steal significant sums of money. The police carried out a field operation in which they aborted the kidnapping and arrested the two suspects as they were abducting the victim.Read also: Casablanca Police Arrest Woman For Alleged Kidnapping of MinorSearch operations conducted by the police at the victim’s house enabled the seizure of a box containing more than MAD 2 million. Initial data indicate that the victim obtained the money through circulation of virtual currency, Bitcoin.One of the victim’s acquaintances living in Europe was responsible for the Bitcoin circulation operations, while he was responsible for collecting the money in Morocco.The police placed the three suspects under custody under the supervision of the Public Prosecution Office in order to determine the cases’ details, the source of the seized amounts of money, and the methods of their circulation and collection.

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