Compulsory Military Service to be Optional for Moroccan Dual Citizens

Rabat – Moroccan dual citizens will be exempt from the 12-month obligatory military service proposed by the Moroccan government in August 2018.Quoted by Belgian outlet RTL Info, the Moroccan embassy in Belgium announced that “binationals are not affected by this measure, unless they wish.”The reintroduction of compulsory military service concerned some Moroccan youth. On December 27, the House Representatives in Parliament passed the law at a plenary session.During the session, the delegate minister in charge of the National Defense Administration, Abdellatif Loudiyi, said that the measure will promote a spirit of sacrifice and self-discipline. The upper house has not yet voted on the bill.According to Loudiyi, the bill is in line with King Mohammed VI’s instructions. It also fell within the framework of Article 38 in the Constitution, which states that all citizens, both women and men, should contribute to the defense of the homeland and its territorial integrity.Citizens aged 19 to 25 are subject to 12-months of military service unless they have valid reasons exempting them.However, people over the age of 25 who were eligible for an exemption can still be called up until the age of 40 if the reason for their exemption is no longer relevant.About 10,000 Moroccans are expected to begin the 12-month military service each year starting September 2019.

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