Danish Travel Agencies We will Send More Tourists to Morocco

By Mohamed HikalRabat – Managers and employees at Danish travel agencies have said that they will continue sending more tourists to Morocco and will follow the instructions provided by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to Politiken, indicated that most Danish tourists have not faced any difficulties while in Morocco.  The Danish news outlet, however, said that the ministry advised travelers to exercise extra caution. The ministry also called on Danish tourists not to hike alone, recommending guides. Politiken also cited managers of Danish travel agencies, who confirmed that they will keep sending tourists to Morocco.According to Viktors Farmor Marketing Director Esben Gynther, the travel agency offers a package tour for 20 people to Marrakech. The director of the agency, which specializes in cultural and nature travel, said that 19 tourists will join the first group on December 30.He added, “We will stick to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ guidelines and follow travel warnings to assure the safety of our travelers. Meanwhile we’ll keep on providing travel and holiday services to more tourists as usual.”Viktors Farmor aims to provide travel tours and holiday services for over 400 tourists in 2019.  Some of those 400 tourists will head to Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.According to the spokesman for the Danish Spies travel agency, Torben Andersen, his company has already sent over 500 travelers and will be sending 50 more Danish tourists to Agadir and Marrakech in the near future.“Our customers never complained and we will follow the foreign affairs ministry’s guidelines and warnings as we don’t have any guides in Morocco,” Torben Andersen added.Mikkel Hansen, the communication manager for TUI, a German leisure travel group, said that the company has provided travel services for approximately 30 Scandinavian travelers in Morocco, mainly in Agadir.Read Also: Tourism in Morocco: High Occupancy Rates Despite Murders of 2 TouristsMany people, both Moroccan and foreign, had surmised that the double murder of Danish tourist Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Norwegian tourist Maren Ueland would negatively impact future tourism in Morocco.The bodies of the victims were found on Monday, December 17, in an apparent terror attack.The Danish embassy in Rabat has received letters from many Moroccans who expressed solidarity and support for the families of the victims.Denmark’s Ambassador to Morocco Nikolaj Harris has thanked Moroccans for their empathy for Louisa’s and Maren’s families. Norway’s Ambassador to Morocco Merethe Nergaard also expressed gratitude after Moroccans showed solidarity with the victims’ families.Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) has arrested 18 suspects in the case. Denmark suspects ISIS was behind the double murder.

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