Mainland entrepreneurs survey report released

in the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has emerged a number of entrepreneurial enterprises, entrepreneurs are also in progress with the transformation of the times, with a new development. According to the latest survey, mainland Chinese entrepreneurs tend to be younger, 40% less than the age of 35.

The latest survey of "

The most striking finding of this investigation is one of the importance of family

on the first venture capital sources, nearly half of the respondents (49%) Asian entrepreneurs use family wealth as venture capital, while 26% will seek friends or acquaintances investment. In the west, only 24% of respondents to the use of family wealth as a start-up capital, and the proportion of friends or acquaintances to seek funding is less than 1/10 (9%). In mainland China, the role of family wealth on entrepreneurship is even more important: more than 60% (61%) of the surveyed entrepreneurs as venture capital, about 1/3 (32%) will seek funding from friends or acquaintances.


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