Micro shop shop for marketing skills summary

smartphone popularity, WeChat users surge, a lot of business highlights, many people have played the idea of a micro shop, which is indeed a very promising project. Opened a micro shop, marketing skills this is what we need to focus on. Today to introduce some of the micro shop marketing skills, interested friends may wish to take a look at.

1. friend number

2. friends impression

3. social resources

social resources requires a certain experience, more difficult for newly graduated students, but for those who have been working for several years of friend, you in addition to their colleagues, do not know and make some other friends, such as customers, partners Jian Liliang good, have certain social human resources, for you the WeChat marketing will play a very important role, because they are the mainstream of society, rich, have contacts, to get their support, will have a very good effect.

4. copywriting skills

5. marketing capabilities

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