Upgrading Your Operating System

first_imgI am presently using Apple OS 10.9.3. That’s the operating system that runs my Apple computers.The big number, 10, indicates the major revision Apple made to its operating system many years ago (in fact, it was the introduction of a whole new operating system). The second number, 9, is an indication of relatively significant improvements and adjustments made to the operating system. The last number, 3, is an indication of the minor bug fixes and improvements Apple has made as they’ve discovered them.The big number for you is the decade of your life. I am on version 4. The second number is the number of years you are into that decade, making my operating system 4.6.When an operating system is improved, new functionality is added or older, core functions are improved. What is no longer useful or necessary is culled away, making room for a more modern, more functional, and more robust operating system.Let’s look at your software, your operating system.You: UpgradedHave you upgraded your operating system? When was your last major upgrade?What new beliefs have you adopted? What mental programs have you eliminated because they are no longer useful and exchanged for more powerful, more useful programs? What core beliefs have you improved? What viruses did you have to uninstall? What frustrating processes have you eliminated by removing the underlying code?What new programs have you installed? What new actions are you now taking that you weren’t taking before? What have you learned that has allowed you to take these new actions? What actions have you optimized for better performance?Have you done anything to upgrade or maintain your hardware?What new results are you now capable of producing because of your most recent upgrade? What results can you produce more easily?Is it time to upgrade your operating system? Is it time to stop running old programs that no longer serve you and install more empowering programs? Is it time to run new programs that produce new and better results?What exciting new innovations are coming in the next version of your operating system?last_img

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