A Baffling Demo House

first_imgIt is cooler NOW than it was in 1935. This is GLOBALONEY.Simple, provable scientific fact…Over the last 10 years, the planet has gotten cooler…look it up yourself….global warming makes great fodder for Al Gore to get rich off of.This story is the epitome of the “green” movement: good intentions, disastrous results. From DDT to Cap & Trade, this “movement” has been on a path to self-destruction. Let’s hope they don’t take the rest of us with them.Where can we learn the truth? CNNMoney, 24Ahead, and other sites from both the left and the right have reported on this project; however, as is typical of the current state of the news, I don’t yet feel like I have heard the full story. Maybe The Daily Show will pick it up and expose the truth behind it. My friend Justin Jones of Building Performance Solutions sent me a link to this article about a demonstration house in Troy, Michigan, that apparently was designed to show the public how to build a grid-independent project. After reading the article and the range of follow-up comments, I honestly don’t know what to think about it. On one hand, I (sort of) understand the value of research projects that are designed to test out theories that are not practical with the hope of gaining knowledge that leads to future benefits. On the other hand. . .First of all, it doesn’t appear to meet the basic standards of housing—pipes that froze the first winter made it unusable. Second, it isn’t serving as an educational tool—they canceled scheduled public tours. Finally, who knows what they did in terms of tracking the building’s energy use? I have been in construction long enough to understand—and accept—that mistakes are made, but this thing seems to be approaching the status of the military’s $900 toilet seats. People are building plenty of zero-energy and net-zero-energy homes for a fraction of the cost of this. Who decided that it was appropriate to spend close to $1 million on a demonstration home like this?The real problemWhat really ticks me off is the damage that this project has caused the green building movement, not to mention environmentalism in general, by providing the right-wing nut cases with more ammunition for their “denialism.” Check out some of the comments posted to this article:last_img

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