Know the goddess goddess turned out to be a man ndoorsman fraud

recently, known goddess fraud in the raise a Babel of criticism of online pass. A man posing as a "known goddess" hoax donated 150 thousand yuan, the police have been involved in the investigation of this matter.

soon, a known user issued a document pointed out that the two are the same people, and called for a known official involved in the investigation of suspected fraud. It is understood that the official account of the latest disclosure of the news that has received more than four hundred users feedback donation information, the total amount of more than 70 thousand yuan, the amount involved is still further statistics.


"permanent wild Tian Mei" is the earlier concerns about this incident known friends, she told reporters, tongmou fundraising in the know, some users a large amount of donations. Probably the most five thousand or six thousand, there are three thousand or four thousand, a little less there are dozens of pieces, basically 100 block may be more.

makes the users is discredited, tongmou issued a fundraising, in known online speech, many contradictions. In particular, he did not dry out more information on the prevalence of female college students. However, medical records, identity cards, hospital CT map, etc..

According to the recommended

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