Xiaobian tell you casual clothing stores tally skills

for the clothing store, every season, the store owner began to get busy, tally in this process is the key. The leisure clothing stores how to tally? In this process is a skill, the following small series to answer for everyone.

received new clothing, the owner is the first important task: for example, routine inspection and record date, waybill number, invoice, supply, responsible person must remember, after the best into the goods, the goods such as clothes clear, each number (S, M, L, XL, XXL) a few pieces, each number, color, price, price, discount information and so on.

The classification of

inventory of clothing is a part owner of tangible assets, inventory stock clothing has a lot of help for the serious inventory, can maintain financial sober, remind yourself after careful. See some of the goods should not be caused by extrusion, you can seriously review. Inventory inventory is not only in order to understand the liquidity, but also to provide a practical reference for the owner after the purchase.

Before the

clear seasonal goods can be divided into 3 levels: A, received the first season best, near the end of season, do not sell on price; B, then received the annual Changqing style, little change every year; C, the season highlights too prominent, a rise of the tide of goods, should be promptly cleared out.

knowledge learning

Save goods, must remember to add moisture beads. The color of the depth of the packaging, placed in a ventilated place. Clothing is not good, it will be old, and then sent no one to. Wait until next year on the new goods, slowly sell mixed with.

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