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first_imgWinnetka What if? Re “Officials promise inquiry into police use of force” (May 3): Perhaps the bottles and rocks hurled at the officers during the protest came from nowhere. Perhaps the 15 or so officers needing medical attention were fakes. Perhaps the protesters should go down to Mexico and assemble and march. Perhaps the already existent legal avenues for attaining citizenship/naturalization should be flushed down the toilet to suit the current illegal immigrants’ agenda. Perhaps the USA does not need immigration reform, just enforcement of current laws that millions of current citizens have endured and abided by. Re “Officials promise inquiry into police use of force” (May 3): Having stood in a number of skirmish lines over a 36-year career in law enforcement, I find it easy to see that the expedient route to getting people to leave has almost always been costly. Force is only justified when overcoming resistance during a lawful arrest. If Los Angeles Police Department officers were not going to arrest the criminal wrongdoers, then they used unnecessary force under color of authority. Nonlethal weapons were designed to disable noncompliant criminals, not to herd nonresistant crowds. When people started to “color outside the lines,” the LAPD officers needed to define the crime/criminals, attempt to make arrests and follow the rules. Instead, they tried to make it go away. It’s more difficult to make mass arrests, but if you are not going to arrest, you better not use force. – John McLean – Bill R. Hector Los Angeles A modest proposal Re “Officials promise inquiry into police use of force” (May 3): I propose the following ordinance for the city of Los Angeles: The police shall not be allowed within one mile of any gathering that has the potential to escalate into a riot. – Ralph Smith Woodland Hills Lessons learned Re “LAPD takes a beating” (May 3): Let’s hope the Los Angeles Police Department will learn a valuable lesson from this public-relations nightmare the LAPD is facing, after beating up journalists and demonstrators at the immigration rally on May 1 at MacArthur Park. In fact we should demand that the police learn the lesson, since as taxpayers we’ll have to pay for the lawsuits that will surely be filed by the injured. All that video – the evidence is irrefutable. The city will have to pay, no doubt. – Salvador Duran Van Nuys LAPD criticism Re “Officials promise inquiry into police use of force” (May 3): Here we go again. Los Angeles Police Department officers are a bunch of dirty rats because they are attempting to enforce the law. Overreacted, huh? Maybe we can learn from the Mexican government authorities how to deal with a protest assembly. As I recall, they just shot students who were protesting. Many of the troublemakers and scofflaws who were present at the so-called “immigrant-rights” rally should not have been in this country. They are here illegally. No wonder L.A. police recruitment is so difficult. Officers are criticized no matter how they react. Oh, Chief Parker, where are you when we need you? – George Gawlik Van Nuys On the line Re “Officials promise inquiry into police use of force” (May 3): What happened to the people in charge? Where were they hiding? Why did they make an excuse to avoid being where they needed to be? The mayor and the police chief were cowards when it came to protecting the marchers, police and the public on May 1, 2007. They were nowhere in sight at the march, but they put the blame on the officers who endured the rocks and bottle-throwing, but let the march continue. Being in harm’s way, they were only following orders from an unknown source (in a helicopter?) when the people in charge, the mayor and the police chief, should have been there on the line. – David Weatherspoon Sylmar Treated badly? Re “Officials promise inquiry into police use of force” (May 3): These illegal immigrants think they are treated badly. They should walk a mile in my Irish ancestors’ shoes when they and their Chinese counterparts were treated like slaves as they built the railroads, which helped to make this country great, and read the old signs stating: “Help wanted; no Irish need apply.” I can’t feel a whole lot of sympathy. – Gary Hannah Glendale Wrong enemy Re “L.A. marches draw 25,000 in appeal to keep families intact” (May 2): Regarding the May 1 march by immigrants demanding that their families be kept intact, I ask, Why don’t they demonstrate in front of the Mexican consulates and the embassy in Washington, D.C., or, better yet, go travel to Mexico City and march there? It’s the Mexican government’s decades of corruption and failure to provide decent working conditions with suitable wages that make it necessary for these immigrants to come to the United States. The Mexican officials are the true enemy of these immigrants, not the United States. – Jason Miranda Levi Northridge What lesson taught? Re “L.A. marches draw 25,000 in appeal to keep families intact” (May 2): Sure, tell the students not to skip classes on May 1, but if they do, transportation to and from the demonstration sites will be provided for them. What a great way to teach them that the laws of this country are to be obeyed and not broken. Let them have teach-ins on their campuses, and after school hours they can demonstrate. – Irving Leemon Northridge Flouting the laws I admit the video coverage at MacArthur park looked bad. But I was wondering how the Mexican police would have handled the situation had thousands of Americans in Mexico illegally taken to the streets flouting the laws and demanding rights. – Bill Verdell Los Angeles Kobe falling short Re “Bryant’s shot could fall short” (Sports, May 1): The column was profoundly insightful and certainly very true. Kobe Bryant was the one who forced Jerry Buss to drop Shaq so that Kobe could run the team. How absurd and laughable that proved to be. Since Shaq has gone and Kobe has run the team, the Lakers have won only four playoff games in three years; whereas during the Shaq-Kobe era, the Lakers won three NBA titles in his eight seasons, and with Shaq under the boards, Kobe just might have been able to score 80 points several times a season. How foolish for Kobe and Buss to give Shaq his walking papers. – Gene Cofsky Tarzana A military coup? In his opinion column today, Thomas Sowell voiced the following random thought: “When I see the worsening degeneracy in our politicians, our media, our educators and our intelligentsia, I can’t help wondering if the day may yet come when the only thing that can save this country is a military coup.” It is a good thing that I believe so strongly in free speech, lest I find his remark dangerously close to treason. – Jim Turner Granada Hills Feinstein Poor Sen. Diane Feinstein. After voting to put exit dates for our troops to leave Iraq, she now wants to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay so that the U.S. will have better standing in the international community. Well, I consider both these actions as aiding and abetting the enemy during a war. – Allan L. Griffith Stevenson Ranch160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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