AFC to move no-confidence motion against Royston King

first_imgAlliance For Change (AFC) Councillor Sherod Duncan said he would be tabling a motion of No Confidence against Georgetown’s Town Clerk, Royston King, at the next statutory meeting of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of the city of Georgetown slated for February 26, 2018.Duncan told Guyana Times that King was leading the Council in the wrong direction and it was time that they recoup and change course by first getting rid of him and then possibly Mayor Patricia Chase Green.“I am seeking an advice on whether a no-confidence motion may be good enoughTown Clerk Royston Kinggiven the advent of the Local Government Commission or whether a general document letter that Councillors can sign on to might be the better way to go,” he said.“It has always been something that I have discussed with Councillors, more so now that we know more things coming to light which all contribute to forming a basis that the Town Clerk’s tenure is untenable,” the former Deputy Mayor added.He noted that the M&CC was embarrassed every time Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan had to write Chase Green correcting the actions of King. He further related that putting aside the politics and personalities, a majority of the Councillors shares the view that King was attempting to usurp the power of the M&CC.In a letter, Duncan explained that the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01, sets out the functions of the office of the Town Clerk and those were being overstepped.“We are a city adrift without rudder, sail, or compass. From the revulsive document called a parking meter contract to the active plans to build houses for senior members at City Hall, including the Mayor and Town Clerk, and all the major issues in between which never meet the level of Council for approval as they should, Her Worship continues to squander the tremendous opportunity given to her to transform our city, while the Town Clerk continues with his rogue actions,AFC Councillor Sherod Duncanunchecked,” Duncan noted in his letter.At Monday’s statutory meeting, King and several of the Councillors were involved in a passionate argument over him overstepping his boundaries where it concerned the appeal of the Bel Air Park Playground decision.The Bel Air Park Playground was slated to be used for a number of town houses which would serve M&CC high-ranking officials such as the Mayor, Town Clerk, City Engineer and Medical Health Officer. However, the Council was barred from doing so by a ruling by Justice Gino Persaud.The January 8, 2018 decision has prevented the M&CC and the Town Clerk from leasing or selling the Bel Air Park Playground to a private land developer. The Mayor has defended the move by Council, stating that the plans were not made in secrecy and that the matter was discussed at the Council level after being raised by the Investment and Development Committee.King was supposed to bring the notice of appeal to full council, but failed to do that and went ahead with a planned appeal. When asked at Monday’s meeting, he informed Councillors that the matter was “administrative” and he saw no need to bring it to Council.His defiance of the Councillors is said to be the breaking point; hence, the reason Duncan is going ahead with the motion.Additionally, the People’s National Congress (PNC) expressed concerns over the conduct of Chase Green.last_img

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