Love for the Sport and for BiH: World Paragliding Championship in BiH – from 17th to 25th August on Bjelašnica

first_imgWorld Paragliding Championship (precision landing) will be held from 17th  to 25th  August on Bjelašnica.The competition will be attended by 120 athletes from BiH, Croatian, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Norway, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Lithuania, Colombia and Qatar.‘’Athletes of Sarajevo and BiH in preparation for the World Cup invested their time and often their money out of the love for this sport and for the country and has successfully organized four smaller Paragliding Championships. This event is the crown and reward for hard work and represents the largest sports competition in Sarajevo after Olympics’’,  announced for FENA, Ceco Gaković on behalf of the organizers of the championship, Paragliding Club Extreme and Aeronautical union of BiH.He added that during the Championship is planned a visit to Herzegovina when the contestants have the opportunity to participate in rafting on the Neretva, which aim the promotion of BiH tourism.‘’Each team can have a maximum of seven participants, including the team that represents BiH. The preparations are going in accordance with the planned activities’’ he underlines.He pointed out that about two million fans around the world will follow this event through web portals and social networks, online video streaming, TV, radio and press.The World Cup Paragliding for precise landing  is organized every two years under the supervision of the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.BiH for the first time will host the world’s biggest competitions in paragliding.(Source:

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