Listen to a 90 female students entrepreneurial experience teach you how to open shop

I am an ordinary girl, and all the people, experiencing a high love of beauty, joy from the senior high school entrance examination, little talent, love music, love all the good things; or, being classified as a group of 90 known to every family network. Currently college students, is preparing to enter the final school year. I’m here first for everyone on a small, I hope we can become friends and see your posts.

Open the

because my home is designed to do OEM factory for some well-known big European and American clothes, these clothes in the store counter price is several thousand yuan, is the original design, the international brand manufacturers of the top designers so I have very beautiful clothing influence, love yiyi. Of course, in the process of growing up, I naturally gave birth to a lot of inspiration for fashion design and matching. Yes, it is this hobby, so that whenever I see a specially designed clothes, it will often be studied for several days, the designer wants to express the content. This hobby, is my blood flow inside things, is an important part of my life. let my hobby get a broad development space, let me out of his life on the road is very important step to the clothing sales network, for personal interest and practical work to get the perfect combination, for their very love things and work, I think this for me, is the most beautiful what! Just entering Taobao when I relied on their own powerful sources of advantage, but I do not ah, don’t take pictures, not pictures become your desired size, more do not know how to marketing, only a determination of entrepreneurship. Of course, the results can be imagined…… Sometimes want all day not a sound. With determination, this is easy, but patient, this is really hard. When you pour a passion for a thing to do, get a bad result, I think it will be difficult to stick to it. I, too, had several times to give up the idea, but always encouraged myself to say: to do a month, maybe it will be better…… At the beginning of 2010 he met Lao Gao, help me analyze the actual situation, and then tell me: " the biggest advantage is your source, the biggest disadvantage is the experience, then you let in marketing and the lack of supply of the seller to help you do it together! " a word makes me seem bright, in Lao Gao’s help, I began to get from the distribution, professional supplier.

here, I sincerely thank the and Shanghai Crown Club, let me know a lot of e-commerce and become the elite, and their friends, many are 3 crowns, 5 champions, golden delicious, everyone is eager to help me, 5 crown sellers Dell also specially sent to teach my sister I take pictures, help me set up the studio, shoot beautiful photos, and also help me distribution. Because of this side group crown sellers superb marketing skills, they help me a total of 2010 sales of hundreds of thousands of pieces of clothes, recommended Logistics

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