High end of the store business


said that many industries have been the era of the birth of a number of high-end stores, which is not a strange thing. However, when it comes to high-end stores, you will combine with the steamed stuffed bun shop? Now, the market is also subject to the impact of the development of the market, the birth of a lot of high-end baozi shop oh. Recently, Changsha traditional pastry catering sector up "small fresh" wind, a lot of Baozipu with innovative decoration, western style taste attracted attention of young consumers.

looks like a coffee shop, but went into the store and found that it was steamed stuffed bun Recently, the Changsha traditional pastry catering sector up "small fresh" wind, such as Kingswood Martyrs Park next meal Baozipu, arrived in the central square subway commercial Ling cage bag, and will open branches overseas have led to Dr. Changsha consumer hot.

when the business is good, one day sales to more than 3000 yuan." Ling Tan Sheng introduced to the founder of bag cage Sanxiang reporters, this is less than 30 square meters, the main takeaway shop one day to sell thousands of steamed stuffed bun. With the general Baozipu put on several large steamer, in the shop stalls and tying Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, these Baozipu traditional business wore western style coat, with the shop decoration will attract a lot of consumers.

when upgrading the wind went to the most traditional pastry industry transformation of consumption, young people have become the important target of the new generation group Baozipu targeting customers.


steamed stuffed bun shop into a high-end western restaurant

turnover of 3000 yuan a day

recently, some high-end Baozipu caused Xingcheng chowhound’s attention, at the arrival of the central square subway commercial cage is one of the chief of the bag. December 13th morning, the reporter saw a little fresh style in this store to see the bun, the store mainly to take away packaged based, the price of each baozi between 2.5 to $6.

"the best time to do business is the morning and evening peak, when consumers buy breakfast or work package to go back for second days breakfast." A staff surnamed Wang Ling bag cage, the store is the most popular 3.5 yuan a crisp bamboo shoots small meat package.

, according to Tan Sheng, said the store’s business is good when the turnover of 3000 yuan a day, the consumer has generally reflected quite good. Currently, the brand has reached a central plaza with a layer of the United States and the United States to reach a cooperation agreement, will open a stall in the supermarket, to provide consumers with packaged products.

with the traditional Baozipu simple shop equipment and food packaging, bag cage Ling shop decoration is taking fresh and lovely wind, but also with the food packaging paper bags, more in line with young recommendation

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