NPC: Too early to determine cause of surge in ‘Facebook clones’

first_imgMANILA – The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said social media platform Facebook have already started its crackdown on the surge of dummy accounts in the Philippines. “They (Facebook) just reported to us that they have already taken down many of these supposed or alleged impostor sites. Complaints continue to stream in, and they’re acting on these complaints,” NPC commissioner Raymund Liboro told CNN Philippines’ The Source. He disclosed that it is still too early to determine the cause on the sudden proliferation of the fraudulent Facebook accounts.“We understand that investigations of this type require also a little time and due diligence on their part, especially since Facebook has launched their own global response to this,” he added.Liboro also said that it is still “too early to determine” whether the case was brought about by an internal glitch or by external factors.“It’s either an internal glitch as they call it, or also, it could be the work of an external force,” Liboro said. “There’s a range of possibilities. We do not want to second guess at this point or offer any conjectures about this occurrence.”“We will have to wait for their technical review, for evidence to accompany any determination about what happened. It’s too early to determine anything at this point,” he added.The NTC commissioner is also optimistic that the Facebook could give them a report within the week due to its security and privacy aspects.“I suppose and I expect Facebook will not tolerate the creation of impostor accounts or dummy accounts. It really undermines their business model. It undermines their image as a platform that can be trusted,” Liboro said./PNlast_img

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