Xining west this year for private projects will be completed

reporter learned from the West District of Xining city in October 31st, the beginning of this year to determine the west district government in 2012 for the 6 categories of private practical projects of the 20, is about to be completed.

this year, the west area of the project for the tangible things were involved in city construction, education style, agriculture and rural areas, employment training, health care, community construction and other 6 categories, a total planned investment of 160 million yuan, up to now, the project has been fully implemented, more than half of them have been completed, the remaining project is being implemented, is expected to be fully in the recently completed.

it is understood that in the completed project, city construction projects 3, investment 8 million 500 thousand yuan to complete the Huangshui forest to Gangcha road Jiefangqu safety renovation project, invested 5 million 600 thousand yuan to complete the 36 bankrupt enterprises, "three" building roads, drainage, heating and other facilities renovation and Xishan Lane tiger Taiwan, three lane street light installation project, invested 8 million yuan to complete the Xinhua Lane 1800 square meters of green construction and five fork in the northwest corner of the intersection and sunning Plaza Kunlun road and road intersection green renovation project; education style 2 projects, which invested 1 million 500 thousand yuan to complete the 5 bus purchase (the original plans to invest 1 million. The purchase of 4 vehicles, is now the Peach Road Primary School), the use of investment 1 million 100 thousand yuan to complete the construction of the tiger Taiwan residents leisure stage area; agricultural project 1, which invested 1 million 725 thousand yuan to complete the city The comprehensive renovation of the fire lane and village environment; health project has 1, namely 18 million 240 thousand yuan of investment into the tiger Taiwan Street Community Health Service Center; employment training project has 2, namely 17 million yuan of investment into the Collegiate Business Incubation Center, investment 4 million 500 thousand yuan for social recruiting the public security patrol. 150, the actual place of 135 people. (author: Zhang Ma Zhanyu)

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