Xining City area Yushu County teacher training project launched 88 Yushu Provincial Arts Teachers

May 27th, "helping hands flying together Yushu County Dream City District, two teachers education training project launch ceremony, held in Xining City North Street Primary school. In a month’s time, 88 teachers from Long Bao Zhen, Yushu County Batang Township Primary and secondary schools in Xining City, 71 Road Primary School, primary school, West Street Primary School to accept the "recycled" training.

City District Education Bureau responsible person, the training will start from the weakness of Yushu teachers, from the moral education; teacher professional development method, the theory and practice of quality education and effective teaching mode; professional knowledge, application of modern educational technology and classroom teaching structure, problems and suggestions, classroom management strategies, classroom activities design; training concept, new curriculum, new curriculum reform hot and difficult. At the same time, 88 teachers assigned to the city of Yushu in the area after the primary school, each school will choose the most powerful teacher teaching as a teacher, one by one, hand to teach the 18. (author: Chen Jun)

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