Three strict three is not effective as a mere formality

Reporter Xiao Fang

in the investigation, the discovery of the retired cadres living problems immediately for the city’s more than 500 retired cadres to implement the housekeeping service 2 times a year;

for the train station armed police on duty eating difficult problem, immediately instructed the relevant units allocated subsidized meals;

collects 53 social and livelihood issues, and to "letter" form issued to all relevant units for processing, has rectification 49;

……Since the

[replay] in May 25, 2015, the party held the three strict three special education lectures report, party secretary Wang Xiao to "dry at the forefront of the title, in practice, from" learning and thinking, knowing, rectification, Atsuyuki "four aspects to talk about the learning experience, leading cadres at all levels should take thought and action into the the central and provincial decision-making arrangements. This marks the dangke three strict Three Special Education officially launched.

[new] leadership at all levels to measure";

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