City fair a number of people’s livelihood project investment

2015 Xining city fair opening soon, the reporter learned that the promotion of a total of 168 projects with a total investment of $183 billion 300 million. Including the city construction projects, industrial projects, commercial projects, agriculture and animal husbandry industry projects, science and education projects, tourism projects and municipal infrastructure projects. Among them, the Xining underground pipe gallery construction project, Xining second kindergartens, Central Plaza, north of the Yangtze River to expand the first phase of the underground space, the development of the core area of the railway station and other livelihood projects attention.

West Tong Hai Lu, Dongzhi Huang Zhong Lu, a total length of 14.68 kilometers, Lantau Peak Expressway 32 meters wide in the preparatory work for the project. Lantau Peak expressway construction of the main line of the Lantau Peak Expressway and the north-south line two parts, the main line of about 11.29 km, about 3.39 km north-south link. After the completion of the project will effectively alleviate the urban traffic pressure, improve the urban road network carrying capacity, and promote economic development.

in this fair city project investment projects in the central business district a wells Xiang business investment, the central square of the North expansion phase of the Yangtze River Road, Datong of Qinghai underground space integrated logistics park, Sea Lake Road headquarters economic zone is included.

second in Xining city will be built in the kindergarten;

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