Business can not be crude and careless

business is very fierce fierce thing, but some people in the business is still easy also how to protect such crude and careless, the popular business development? Huaian city retail customers Zhang Cheng, last winter to eat "yabakui". Originally, in the winter of 07, a gift of wine in the local market is very good, so in the coming winter this year on the occasion, he did not examine the market, two not to the factory to research on a large number of the introduction of the goods.

but let him unexpectedly, this gift of wine in the Spring Festival just before the sale is not a long time, manufacturers have launched this product upgrade series, after upgrading the products not only in the packaging and taste than the original product more attractive packaging, taste more mellow, but the price has not changed, which makes the Zhang boss hoarding inventory into sales of "burden", blame yourself without consideration, regardless of the brand to enter the market conditions are ripe, the more the introduction of a large number of large quantities of goods piled up in warehouses are not sold, the money did not earn, but also cook a pot of cooked rice. To this end, Zhang boss is regret, regret that he did not grasp the opportunity to make themselves in a passive.

analysis of

analysis: retail customers Honglang Jiang

Zhang boss of the problem, a lot of examples around us. The reason is to consider the week, greedy for power, regardless of the consequences, there is no timely and manufacturers and manufacturers of the sales staff in a timely manner to communicate the results caused by. Shop to engage in business, and not with the strength to do the market, but a kind of intelligence Bo kill, who came out on top, who will be able to win the initiative in the market.

new sales, there are certain advantages, but its shortcomings are also obvious. The advantage is just entering the market, the profit ratio of the old brand is relatively high, the disadvantage is not yet recognized by the market, there are troubles, because this kind of new products into the market, manufacturers will be based on the reflection of the market, timely strategic adjustment, Zhang boss is according to the experience of acting, prior lack of preparation, and it made him suffer.

shop: engage in business can not be negligent, be very careful, have a long-term vision and careful thinking. Once careless, retail customers tend to make their own business suffered losses, many goods in the market sales are sluggish, for the latter to restart a lot of difficulty. Often let business get into trouble.

peer weapon: retail customers Xu Chuangao

had just started, I also encountered such a thing as a boss, in October of that year, just as the weather turns cool, a power Hot pot manufacturers to the promotion, the price of only 60% last year, I would like commercial street counterparts, to join the ranks of panic buying, which know, time is not long, the manufacturers have launched an upgraded series, the original.

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