College entrance examination in Tianjin Province a second rate in Beijing Shanghai three cities

In July 11th, the people’s daily WeChat platform released a "college entrance examination admission difficulty ranking, the number of your hometown row" news. Reporters saw from the statistics, the province’s college entrance examination after a second rate in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, three cities.Show

the province in 2013 and 2014 the acceptance rate were 18.61% and 17.97%, that is to say, the past two years, our province 100 candidates on the senior high school entrance examination elite candidates to about 18. According to the relevant person in charge of the Qinghai Peking University admissions group, which is closely linked to national policy tilt. Peking University planned enrollment of 19 people in the green this year, including 7 liberal arts, science 7, special programs in poor areas 5 people (2 arts, science 3), intends to put professional business management, economics, engineering geophysics, experimental class, electronic information, biological sciences, Chinese, sociology, law, international politics and public management. Peking University in the green professional more diverse, can meet the needs of different professional skills and interests of students. According to the situation in previous years, after early communication, to reach the university entrance examination scores of candidates can generally be admitted to a satisfactory professional. In the policy, this year, Peking University has been published in the independent selection of green projects, a total of 14 candidates get preferential identification in our province, the students in the process of examination of Peking University will obtain different degrees of preferential admission drop points.

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