2012 Xining FRST youth film show welcome dinner held yesterday

on the evening of July 26th, 2012 annual "Xining · FIRST youth film show" welcome dinner held in Qinghai hotel. Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo attended and delivered a speech.

Tony Leung, Wu Jing and other famous actors, the two Golden Horse Film, senior film producer Xu Feng ·, a famous Hollywood movie producer Michael; anderin, film director Stanley Tong, the film director Cao Bao attended the welcome dinner equally well-known director.

Xining · FIRST Youth Film Festival "is a humanistic temperament, expand the horizons of International Youth Film youth film platform is based on the development of College Students Film Festival continues to mature, the main purpose is to find and select the youth film talent, in order to find you, you, you, show the complete expression of you." for the purpose, on the basis of academic exchanges, work screenings, the establishment of the discovery of talent, talent and coaching young directors elected to enter the film, a film festival, Xuan, optimization mechanism, paving the way for young filmmakers dream trip.

dinner, Wang Yubo said that Xining is a city with a history of more than 2100 years of history, has a pleasant climate, beautiful mountains and rivers, honest folk. Xining’s unique cultural heritage and honest human temperament, for the "· Xining, FIRST Youth Film Exhibition" the development of a new natural pure power. Wang Yubo said that the 2012 annual "Xining · FIRST Youth Film Festival" will be the passion collision of Xining culture and Chinese film career, is the best fusion youth ideal and light charm, is the implication of the "summer in Xining" cool and quiet, the heart a sublimation effect. (author: Wu Yachun)

Tony Leung: longing for Qinghai for a long time

Tony Leung was born in Hongkong, is the Hongkong Film Awards in the history of the young actor. Tony Leung said in an interview, this came to Qinghai Xining, mainly in order to participate in the FIRST Youth Film Festival, new tie. But there is a more important reason is that he has long been yearning for Qinghai. "I’ve never really been to Xining before, and this time I finally realized that. I hope you can enjoy the beautiful scenery here after the festival." He said. In the conversation, Tony Leung’s witty and friendly reporter left a very deep impression, at the end of the interview, he said: "I hope the west city newspaper a popular paper, also hope these young filmmakers can find happiness in the movie." (author: Li Zhimin)

Cheers to Xining

said Michael · anderin, many people may feel strange, but from the movies he made believe that many people have talked about, like the sixty-sixth Oscar best film "Schindler’s list" "day after tomorrow" "I am legend", is known to every family. At the beginning of the reception, Michael stood up and said to the crowd, "cheers to Xining";

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