n more than 100 workers dredging difficult work slow Nanchuan

Nanchuan River since 2002 after the transformation, Xining has become a beautiful landscape. However, each year due to the upstream water source, water quality, not only facing the arduous task of Nanchuan river dredging, river water and soaring, makes managers a headache.

March 5th, the reporter saw in the west, south of the bridge has dried up river bed, and someone wearing boots in the mud out of garbage, people use the car rack, garbage, mud and weeds to the shore, a simple pulley hanging shelf car on the shore, and then by the people on the shore into the truck, pull to the Kunlun bridge on the ground, waiting for large trucks to transport.

"it’s hard to clean up the mud here, and the shovels don’t move. Some of the pools are broken bottles of wine, and they will be cut." One worker said. Qin Fenglin Zhuang management of the Xining water authority responsible for dredging work at the scene described in the end of February, they organized more than and 100 workers, began dredging work, but some pond mud is very thick, large machinery can not be into the river, the dredging work progress is slow.

upstream of the workers are busy dredging, downstream some people are nervous fishing.

according to the Nanchuan River River Management Office of the person in charge, in 2002 after the completion of the river, to beautify the environment, improve water quality, they put twenty thousand yuan fry at that time, also let the ducks, but some people often catch fish, add water, water quality, a lot of dead fish, and pool more thick silt yes, the pool of silt is more than 1 meters deep, only half water storage pool. If you do not solve the water problem, only by manual dredging, can not fundamentally solve the problem.


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