Central efforts to open up the last mile

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city district closely pragmatic and honest people "theme, straighten out the mechanism of convenience district administrative service center management system, efforts to open up services for the people of the" last mile "problem.

it is understood that the city adhere to highlight the hardware and software both hands, to enhance the overall service capacity. In the district government affairs hall Queuing service kiosks, customer service configuration instant evaluation device, making convenience tips card, arrange special service guide, set the comment box, the establishment of mediation room disputes, and the original 22 window into 12 window, the window A, B post rotation system, eliminate the missing gang off gang phenomenon. And the implementation of the grid, clear responsibilities, rewards and punishments joint, co – operation of the grid management model.

at the same time, improve service efficiency, efforts to solve the practical problems of the people. Take the initiative to deal with the relationship between the transfer of social security agencies handling social insurance agency. Up to now, a total of 47 people in different places to provide free pension insurance relationship transfer mail service.

in addition, relying on the overall transformation of convenience administrative service center, the internal structure of the marriage registration office environment and reasonable distribution of the marriage registration, marriage, divorce registration board, divorce Hou Hou separated den of humanity, to fully protect the privacy of the parties. Decentralization of authority, will be located in the convenience of the administrative service center for the elderly under the privilege of privilege card into the community, so that the work of the masses to experience a variety of people, convenience, benefit services.


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