Bid farewell to the province’s floating population service management gaps

September 14th, the city of Xining East Bayi Road Street residents (floating population) service center began to run, which means that the province to bid farewell to the floating population service management gaps.

it is understood that the Bayi Road block is the most concentrated population in Xining, the local population, according to preliminary statistics, there are about 2 people, rental housing 1063. A large number of floating population in the active area of the economy, but also to the area of social management order has brought great pressure and challenges. In order to best management and service of floating population, promoting social Bayi Road Subdistrict Office in the long period of stability, Bowen Road Cao established the province’s first three sets the card, health, employment, judicial and other services in one of the floating population of the "one-stop" service center.

Bayi Road Subdistrict Office staff said that the service center has been supported by the community. Cao village for the service center provides free office space, many residents of the district also volunteered to join the volunteer team as the center. New residents Service Center adhering to the "city treatment, equal service" principle, financial services and management as a whole, the implementation of one-stop service. The services include residence permit, mobile party members of the party organization relationship transfer, occupation introduction, housing rental, agent service, postal service, housekeeping agency to pay fee charges, employment skills training, legal aid, complaint letters and visits agent, library management, including almost all of the floating population is closely related to daily life content. And the service is still further expansion. It is worth mentioning that the service center also has a four point school, children can learn directly after school to play here, greatly facilitate the children and parents. (author: He Shufang)


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