City Audit Bureau for special funds audit

  at 3:00 pm on May 25, 2011, 3 staff members of Xining Municipal Audit Bureau came to our bureau to carry out the audit work of the city level budget and other financial revenue and expenditure. During the audit process, 3 staff members on the basic situation of our bureau, the implementation of the budget for the year 2010, especially for the special expenditure of the information were carefully examined and asked. Audit staff from the overall budget for the implementation of the City Council and other financial revenue and expenditure. At the same time, I also work on the self inspection of the Bureau and the work of the accounting arrangements put forward further requirements. To carry out the audit work to an important role for my good financial bureau in the future off and do the daily work, I will organize more strict management on the financial income and financial statements in the future, to do self-examination, finishing work, lay a solid foundation for the normal operation of the engineering department in future for me.


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