Eighteen general assembly line window of Qinghai exhibition beauty of Qinghai

When I heard that the eighteen major reports of the party said: "we should increase efforts to support the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas," as a man of Qinghai in Beijing, I am encouraged and excited. Xu Feijie, assistant general manager of Qinghai window.

in conversation with Xu Feijie, she is very confident as a publicity platform in Qinghai province and Qinghai province brand enterprises set up in Beijing, since settled in Beijing since the "window of Qinghai plateau in Qinghai original ecology, green, pollution-free, high quality products by the vast number of consumers. At the same time, it is also a good publicity of the culture of Qinghai, promote the Qinghai commodity, improve the reputation of the Qinghai brand.

led by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, Beijing Yoshihito Hiro trade limited company to undertake, showcase and sell Qinghai famous brand products, the "window of Qinghai" after two years of hard work, has set up six store in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou three. And, through this platform, many of the famous brand products of our province have entered the national 18 thousand oil China convenience store sales channels chartered gas station, and the oil share over the country’s cyber source. This is not only to promote the province and other provinces in the country’s economic, tourism, cultural and other aspects of the exchange, but also to help Qinghai enterprises to open the door to the domestic and foreign markets.

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