Construction waste will be suspended for three months

In December 6th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, has entered the winter freeze period, the construction site, the demolition site is unable to carry out the dust and dust prevention and control measures such as vehicle washing water to prevent dust pollution rebound, three departments of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal and Rural Construction Committee, city housing security and the Housing Authority issued the notice on the cessation of construction waste transportation, decided from December 8, 2013 to March 15, 2014 to suspend the district construction site and demolition site construction waste disposal activities of transportation. It is understood that the three month construction site and demolition site construction waste transport outage scope includes construction site foundation (earthwork excavation); demolition site construction waste Sinotrans, the key project of the national, provincial and municipal in shutdown range. At the same time, the construction sector will supervise the construction unit for winter dust pollution prevention and control plan, regulate the construction site management, a comprehensive inspection organization work, to prevent the occurrence of safety hazards or accidents, actively carry out the work during the year ending. The construction of the real estate sector suspended for demolition on the demolition site clearing formalities, not timely removal of construction waste to cover all the green dustproof net. The demolition of the project has been the implementation of the demolition unit shall be ordered to shut down, and take effective measures to carry out dust pollution treatment, and do a good job during the shutdown safety supervision. Urban management department to stop all construction waste transport administrative license, the approval of the construction waste disposal project tracking supervision, earnestly implement the requirements of the suspension, suspend its transportation activities. In the meantime, the relevant units and personnel can not implement the tasks as required and in violation of the relevant provisions of the implementation of administrative license, in accordance with the "Xining city atmosphere and comprehensive water pollution control work accountability measures" for units and individuals accountable.  

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