Provincial government held 1 to September industrial economic situation analysis

10 14, 2009, vice governor Wang Liming and his party research network of Qinghai electric power company operations monitoring (control) center, held at the scene from to September, the province’s industrial economic situation analysis.


meeting that this year, in accordance with the deployment of the provincial government decision-making departments and enterprises in various regions, and further promote the supply side structural reform, focus on innovation, strong production capacity, to technical innovation, cost reduction, risk prevention, do a lot of very fruitful work, long provided strong support for the industry overall steady growth, the province’s industrial to maintain a steady growth.

meeting the requirements, all localities and departments should resolutely implement the provincial government decision to deploy, strengthen confidence, take measures to grasp the comprehensive scheduling, strengthen the protection elements, to ensure stable and healthy development of industry. Pay close attention to project investment, accelerate the progress of construction projects, increase project reserves and investment efforts, savings development potential. Conscientiously implement the national policy, vigorously promote the bank to resolve the overcapacity, debt to equity and the reform of salt industry and other key work, help enterprises without reservation. Optimize the allocation of financial resources, give full play to the role of the fund leveraging, efforts to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, quality and efficiency. Strengthen the sense of service, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the production and operation of enterprises, in order to ensure the steady growth of the industry to create a good environment.

the meeting stressed the need to seriously study the propaganda, fully implement the national state-owned enterprise party construction work conference, to further deepen the reform of provincial enterprises, and enhance the comprehensive level strictly, unswervingly stronger bigger provincial enterprises.


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