Xining Local Taxation Bureau to crack down on false invoices to win the award

Inspection Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau of Xining city in 2009 was recognized as national invoices to combat criminal activities outstanding achievements in the work unit of the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration of Taxation recently was in recognition of achievements for the 2010 national outstanding unit invoices to combat criminal activities.

2010, according to the spirit of the State Administration of Taxation on carrying out the "notice" invoices to combat criminal activities work, Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau and the public security organs to carry out in-depth cooperation, take the "synchronized forensics, close joint handling handling mode, collaborative dens, breaking major principles, destroyed two issuing false invoices dens and public security departments collaboration, confiscated has yet to sell 21362 copies of fake invoices, fake seals 191, notebook computer two, three printers. 4 suspects arrested for selling fake invoices. According to the sale of false invoices dens found in the computer has not been deleted false invoices sales records, has organized two false invoices project inspection team to extend the inspection unit. Confiscated 536 copies of fake invoices in 49 drawee units, false invoices totaling 141 million 429 thousand and 500 yuan. In 2010 a total of 86 households to provide false invoices tax units (individuals), through the 86 households to provide false invoices units (individual) inspection, 2006 tax 5 million 37 thousand yuan, a fine of 2 million 433 thousand yuan. Through the above work, in a certain extent on the Xining area of invoice illegal and criminal activities, to deter the invoice of criminals, purify the area of Xining city tax environment, to make a certain contribution for the economic development of Xining city.


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