Xining two or more medical institutions to achieve two way referral

recently, the city of Xining in more than two medical institutions (including two) set up a two-way referral department, construction of grading clinics, two-way referral management service mode, to provide integrated medical services convenient and fast, continuous and efficient for the masses, to promote the effective implementation of grading treatment system.

The city of

for more than two (including two) medical institutions will be in accordance with the grading treatment and two-way referral management service mode, in the hospital to establish grading clinics smoothly referral "Easy Access", is mainly responsible for the hospital and medical treatment in two-way referral work, provide high quality medical service integration for patients. Will be transferred to the hospital patients into the green channel, giving priority to treatment, examination and hospitalization. At the same time, the hospital discharge and discharge is required after the rehabilitation treatment of patients in Xining area, all included in the scope of management and transfer to the number of patients, patient information and follow-up rehabilitation program feedback to the community health service institutions where patients timely, by community health service team to undertake follow-up and rehabilitation Guide to patients.


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